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Review! Osprey Kitsuma Hydration Backpack

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Review Osprey Kitsuma Hydration Backpack

Whichever sport you do, drinking enough water is extremely important. A backpack with an integrated hydration system is therefore ideal. I tested the Osprey Kitsuma Hydration Backpack which is developed specifically for women and I discovered how versatile this backpack is.

Osprey Kitsuma Hydration Backpack Review

Osprey Kitsuma

A water bag of 2.5 liters fits in the Osprey Kitsuma backpack. This means you always have enough water at hand for a mountain bike ride, a longer hike or ski tour. I test the backpack in all these activities and I am curious if the backpack is versatile enough.

First some more information about the backpack. The Osprey Kitsuma has been specifically developed for women. This backpack is equipped with comfortable shoulder straps and a chest strap that ensure that the backpack stays in place and does not shift too much. The chest strap has a magnetic closure, allowing you to quickly remove the backpack. The magnet can also be used the attach the water tube. Just like the back panel, these bands are made of mesh material. Because of this, the backpack does not feel clammy on hot days. The backpack has a reflective strip for visibility. You can also attach a light to this, for instance when you go cycling.

Osprey Kitsuma Hydration Backpack Review
Osprey Kitsuma Hydration Backpack Review

Storage space

In the backpack you can attach a water reservoir of 2.5 liters. The reservoir is held up by a clip system to stop it sliding down inside the pack. A separate pocket on the inside is large enough to store a small wallet, keys and a telephone. Mesh pockets are on the sides.


Osprey Kitsuma & Mountainbiking

When mountain biking you accelerate, descend, jump over tree roots. So you want a backpack that stays firmly on your back and does not shift too much. The first plus for the Osprey Kitsuma. The backpack fits well on your body and stays in place. I am surprised how easy to use the backpack is when mountain biking. In case of difficult trails, you do not want to have to take a bottle from your bike frame, and with the backpack and water system you can quickly take a sip of water. The water tube valve can be opened and closed with one hand, so you can drink while you are on the go. An inner tube, tyre levers and some bars fit in the inner pocket. But that’s about it. There are a couple of mesh pockets on the outside, to store arm warmers.

I tested the Hydration Backpack during mountainbiking

Osprey Kitsuma & Hiking

When hiking this is the sort of backpack you would use in summer or for a shorter hike, when you have little items with you and only need a lightweight waterproof jacket with you. You can bring enough water for a hike, especially if you refill the water bag on the way. The mesh boxes now seem ideal for my walking map and some bars, or a small jacket. It is likely that the Osprey Kitsuma would also work well for many runners, too.

Osprey Kitsuma Hydration Backpack Review

Osprey Kitsuma & Skiing

The third test takes place on the slope. I bring the backpack with me when I go skiing in Austria. The backpack also fits well over a thick ski jacket. Beforehand I was afraid that the reservoir would feel cold on my back. That wasn’t the case. The water that is in the tube becomes very cold, so the first sips are fresh, the water in the water bag stays reasonably on temperature.

Osprey Kitsuma Hydration Backpack Review
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What do I think of the Osprey Kitsuma?

The Osprey Kitsuma is a versatile hydration backpack that can be used for a range of outdoor activities. The backpack is comfortable and has a good and stable fit. I like that Osprey has made a female specific version. It is easy to wear and in fact, you can hardly feel you are wearing a backback. Even during activities such as skiing and mountain biking, the backpack and the integrated hydration system will stay in place. You do not always need a big backpack and the Osprey Kitsuma is ideal when you go out and only want to bring water and some small items.

* More info via the website of Osprey Europe. I received this item for a review.

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