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Road trip Europe: these are some of the best road trips in Europe

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Road trip Europe: these are some of the best road trips in Europe

Do you already have travel plans for this summer? How about a road trip Europe? There are so many beautiful places to be found in Europe and in this blog I share some of the best of them with you. Read about inspiring routes and handy tips for the best road trip through Europe!

Road trip Europe 1 week: Austria and South Tyrol

A combination that I have often made is that of Austria with South Tyrol. In Austria, for example, you can visit the Salzburgerland region, where you can visit an extraordinary ice cave and enjoy cycling or hiking through the mountains. Or you choose Sölden, where you can hike to the most beautiful viewpoints via one of the many hiking trails. There is a good chance that you are above the 3,000 m limit here.

Eisriesenwelt ice cave in Salzburgerland, Austria

After this you cross the border to Italy where you end up directly in South Tyrol. Have a glass of wine in cities such as Merano and Bolzano, and be sure to try the knödel dumpling in one of the South Tyrolean restaurants. If you also want to make hikes here, go to Drei Zinnen in the Dolomites. Here you can enjoy peace and nature. If you really want to relax for a day, then you go to the Terme Merano.

Mountains in Austria

Road trip Europe 1 week: Swedish Lapland

Do you think of snow and winter when you think of Lapland? In the summer it is just as beautiful! The vast forests actually beg for a road trip. With your rental car you can explore the region. The only crowds you will encounter here are the reindeer or, if you are really lucky, moose who keep crossing the road.

Lapland or Sápmi, the land of the Sami, is the most northern part of Europe. Here you can enjoy the midnight sun in the summer. Skellefteå is your home base for the road trip through Swedish Lapland, from where you drive to the harbor town of Piteå, explore the church village of Gammelstad or go inland. Tip: you really should go to Grodkällan, the most beautiful lake in Sweden.

Reindeer in Swedish Lapland

Road trip Europe 2 weeks: Scandinavia

If you have a little more time, you might want to travel through Denmark, Norway and Sweden. First, you drive to Aalborg in North Jutland and then cross to Norway. Don’t forget Oslo and the beautiful Skåne region before you cross the bridge to Copenhagen. These cities are a must-see during your road trip, but probably you did choose this route for the tranquility and the vast landscape of Scandinavia. So, book a cottage by the sea for a few nights, make beautiful hikes through the forest or settle into an easy chair with a good book.

Road trip Europe 3 weeks: crossing Europe

Want to see many different countries? Then take the time to drive through the Belgian Ardennes to France and slowly descend to the Côte d’Azur. You will then drive through fields full of sunflowers and of course also make a number of stops to drink a wine or glass of champagne.

Fields full of sunflowers in France

Once you’ve explored France, cross the border into Italy. Here you can marvel at the beautiful villas along the shores of Lake Como, or at the mighty mountains of South Tyrol. If you want to experience a little more of that real Mediterranean feeling, you can drive a little further south to Piedmont. Enjoy the food and wine before heading to Lake Bled in Slovenia and Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. If you have the time, you can also visit Vienna or Prague to end your road trip with a short city trip.

South Tyrol in Italy

Most beautiful road trip in Europe? The Balkan

Combine cities such as Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade or Mostar with beautiful, expansive nature. It is said that in the Balkans you will find the only raw nature left in Europe, and I don’t think a word of it is a lie. You first drive to Slovenia, a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Then continue your road trip towards Ljubljana and make the shortcut to Croatia. You can visit the beautiful, but touristic Istria here, or go inland to admire the Plitvice lakes. Also in Bosnia and Herzegovina you should take the time to explore nature, but also be inspired by the raw city of Sarajevo, where the war history is still visible. And don’t forget Mostar, with its famous Stari Most bridge.

Stari Most in Mostar

The best road trip in Europe? The Amalfi Coast

Ah, the Amalfi Coast… you know this is going to be a wonderful road trip. You can start your trip in Rome, just because this is a wonderful city to visit. From Rome it takes a small while before you are in the south of Italy, but then the enjoyment and relaxation can begin. Of course you will visit Naples and taste a pizza or two. Then you take or two a day for culture: stroll through Herculaneum or Pompeii and perhaps also climb the Vesuvius.

After this you follow the coastal roads along the azure blue sea, with the many picturesque towns that lie against the hills. Positano for example, Vietri sul Mare and of course Amalfi. If you have the time, add Sorrento to this list. Take the time to enjoy Italian cuisine and take a dip in the sea every so often. This is not a place to rush, enjoy la dolce vita!

Herculaneum near Naples in Italy

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