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Essential travel items – what’s in our suitcase?

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Essential travel items

Wondering what to pack for your next trip? It’s not always easy to determine what takes space for no reason and what you truly need, so we made this list of essential travel items for you! Because when it comes to packing, you sure want to choose to the best travel items out there.

Travel backpacks and suitcases

When choosing between a backpack and a suitcase, you should think about the purpose of your trip. When we go on a short holiday we tend to find suitcases most useful. Suitcases are easy to carry at the airport and it keeps everything tidy. On citytrips we choose a small carry-on.

On long trips you might find backpacks more useful. You can fit a lot in a backpack and it’s more convenient to walk around. Make sure your backpack includes a waterproof cover for rainy days! And for keeping your valuables safe, make sure your backpack has enough secret areas.

Packing accessories

You can pack smarter by using packing cubes. We use it to make sure our clothes don’t mix up with the rest of our travel gear. And it saves a lot of space in our backpack or suitcase.

Travel clothing essentials

When it comes to picking the right travel clothing, here are the things you should pack.

  • Poncho: if you’re heading to destinations where it can rain often.
  • Swimsuit: not only if you’re heading to a sunny destination, also in case there’s a swimming pool or spa in your hotel.
  • Travel clothing: go for lightweight.
  • Shoes and/or flip-flops: make sure you bring comfortable shoes or flip-flops.

Travel personal care essentials

  • Sunscreen: keep your skin safe wherever you go .
  • Mosquito Repellent: for some destinations this might be your most important thing to pack.
  • Wet wipes: always useful, especially if you’re going on a camping trip.
  • Diva Cup: these are a lot smaller and eco-friendly than traveling with tampons.

Backpacking and adventure travel essentials

  • Day backpack: we always travel with a smaller backpack for day trips.
  • Dry bag: keep your valuables safe and dry.
  • First aid kit: helpful if you are not near a pharmacy.
  • Head torch: always useful if you’re going on a camping trip.
  • Water bottle: stay eco-friendly and refill your water bottle.
  • Quick dry towel: super compact and on the road you don’t always have the time to let your towel dry.
  • Camping gear: For those who are planning a camping trip, you might want to travel with your own tent, mattress or sleeping bag.
  • Padlock: keep your valuables safe and use a locker in the hostel.

Electronics travel essentials

  • Mobile phone: make sure it is unlocked to use a SIM card that comes from another country.
  • Portable charger: make sure you have an extra battery or a portable charger.
  • Travel laptop or tablet: you might need a laptop to work or store photos
  • GoPro & accessories: or any other camera gear. The GoPro is the smallest camera so it doesn’t take lots of space in your backpack.
  • Portable Wifi: since traveling with decent internet is not always possible.

Travel accessories on the road

Flights, bus or train trips can be long and uncomfortable. These items make the journey a bit easier.

  • Travel pillow: there are many different options of travel pillows.
  • Ear plugs: earplugs are quite important for long flights or if you stay in a dorm!
  • Eye mask: for sleeping, long flights as well as dorm life.
  • Headphones: we always travel with headphones.
  • E-reader: to keep up with your Lonely Planet guides or if you like reading e-books.

What are your favoriete essential travel items?

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